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Shekinah Ranch Programs

Valued Partner!

Mon Valley YMCA

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Mon Valley YMCA. Many of you know and love the local YMCA located in off of Route 88 in Monongahela and value their passion for our community. Just like you, we value that too. So much so, that we are partnering with them to reach out in new and exciting ways. We are now joined together for this purpose; to challenge, educate, and grow our surrounding areas to heights they never thought possible. So don't be surprised if you a see a horse just hanging out up at the YMCA. To learn more about our partnerships stayed tuned to your emails (if you are signed up for them), check our Facebook page at "Shekinah Western Ranch Camp," or contact us under the "Contact Us" tab above. We want to also thank the awesome people who help put this together and all of their loving support of what happens here at Shekinah. Go to the YMCA, check them and their incredible facilities out and I guarantee you will not regret it. Happy trails!!