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Shekinah Ranch Camps

Information for Parents

Welcome to the Parent Portal! Here you will find Info about camp details, packing and common questions parents have prior to camp arrival.

Pre-Camp Info for Parents

Registration Sign-In:
ATTENTION- Shekinah has a new Check-in Time. Registration will begin on Sundays from 5:30-7pm in Town Hall. Please ensure your camper has eaten dinner BEFORE check-in on Sunday evening.

All parents should drive to the far end of camp past the cabins to the big brown building above the pond for check in at Town Hall. Are all your forms signed and completed? If parent/guardian will not be present at registration, others are not permitted to sign any forms at sign-in.

Pick-Up & Awards Ceremony:
You may pick up your child and load their belonings on Friday between 4:30-4:45 pm from the cabin area. Please do not pull all the way up to the cabins. The Awards show will begin PROMPTLY inside townhal

All forms and final payment
should have been received by office prior to start of camp. Any exceptions must be cleared by office prior to arrival.

Spending money:
You can pay this in advance or bring to registration. The money will be put on a spending card for the child to use throughout the week. Any remaining funds will be donated to either missions or the horses (your child may chose). Please do not leave cash with your child or in their cabin.

Camp Store:
T-shirts, camp apparel etc... can be purchased in advance or at registration.

Bring to registration at Town Hall. Please do not pack with your belongings. Parent must sign "Medication Instructions Release" that can be downloaded here.

Please monitor your child/children the week before camp for any signs of illness that could put your child or others at risk.

Head Lice:
Please check your child prior to camp and treat if applicable. A head lice check will be done at sign-in, so please do not move into cabin before this step is completed.

Camper Packing List:
Review before your child's camp date and be prepared. Any storage bin that is 7in high or less will fit under the bunks and are great to pack your child's things in!!

Cell Phones and Electronics:
Please DO NOT bring these to camp. They are a distraction & may be damaged. Your child can call home if they wish from a staff or camp phone. You will also be provided numbers to get in contact with us or your child if necessary or for emergencies.

Riding Boots:
Please ensure that your child comes to camp with his/her own riding boots. Walmart and Tractor Supply are common places to find these, inexpensively.

Cancellation/Dismissal Policy & Conditions of Enrollment:
Have you read this on your camper's application and do you understand it? If not, please ask us.

Statement of Faith:
Have you read this on the "about us" section of the website and do you understand it? If not, Click Here.