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Shekinah Ranch Camps

Bring Your Own Horse

If you have any questions about bringing your horse please call (724)483-4711

First of all, your horse is welcome. In fact, having your own horse at camp can make your summer experience really special.


Frequently Asked Questions:
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Q: Do lots of kids bring their own horses?

No. During a typical camp week and depending on the experience level of the riders, we may have 1-2 campers that bring their own horse. If you don't bring your horse, there are camp horses for you to ride.

Q: If I bring my horse, and he/she is not cooperating with me, can I still ride a camp horse?


Q: How do I decide whether I should bring my horse or not?

If you have a push button horse with a no issues, you are welcome to bring it but I recommend that you ride one of our horses in order to experience riding a different horse. If you have horse that you need help working through a specific issues, you can discuss that with our equine director prior to bringing your horse.

Q: Will there be an extra cost?

There is no cost unless we are feeding your horse or you choose to have special training done with your horse. For pricing info please inquire by phone or email.

Q: How do I put my horse in the program?

1. Contact our office to discuss your horse and it's needs.

2. Fill out "Horse Application" below and provide all vet records


If you have trouble downloading the application, we will put one in the mail to you.

Q: What vet records do I need?

You will need a current coggins test and verification of annual shots including a rabies vaccination. Please bring your horse only if your horse is healthy. We do not want to jeopardize the health of other camp horses.

Q: What about a farrier and a vet?

We request that you have your horse's feet done prior to your arrival to avoid issues while at camp. If a problem should arise, a local farrior can be contacted. Our vet is on call and available as needed.

Q: What size are your stalls?

Most are 10' x 12'.

Q: Should I bring my own grain and supplements?

Yes. Often riders decide to bring their own feed to avoid issues and adjustments to new grain. If you feed supplements, you need to bring them with you. We do not provide supplements..

Q: Do I get to feed my horse?

There may be times that you can help but not always. We have a qualified barn manager staff who looks after all of our horses needs. Please provide us detailed feeding instructions and label all food so your horse will receive the best care.

Q: Can I bring my own tack and tack trunk?

Yes. Please bring tack for your horse. You may bring a tack trunk and suggest that everything be labeled. Note: only riders with their own horse should bring tack. Riders using camp horses do not need personal tack.

Q: Can I ride my horse whenever I want to ride him?

No, it is too busy at the barn and not enough supervision for you to ride your horse whenever you want to. Unfortunately, we are not able to permit you to ride outside of the supervised riding times. This is for insurance reasons.

Q: Can I leave my cabin or the program whenever I want to check on my horse?

No, you will need to trust that your horse is okay when you are not there. We have an excellent staff. They check on the horses regularly. If you think you will worry about your horse while he is here, then please come without your horse. Relax. Have fun, and use one of our camp horses.

Q: Do I need blankets for my horse?

Temperatures in the summer are usually 70-90 in the daytime and 50-60ish at night. Your horse should be fine without blankets.

Will be determined by our staff prior or upon arrival. There is no room in the immediate barn area. So you cannot count on your trailer for your own tack room.

There is no problem with your horse arriving prior to your camp time. In fact, that allows us time to introduce your horse to the barn routines, sights, sounds, and smells. Your horse should be here Sunday by 3pm. Just keep us updated on your arrival so we can assist you and your horse.

We work constantly to ensure the safety of our riders and horses. However, Shekinah Ranch will not be held responsible for injuries and incidents to your horse.

It is preferred that you load your horse after the camp session is over on Friday. There is alot of people and excitement during Friday’s events, and our space is limited. For safety reasons, dealing with trucks and trailers is best after all activities have finished. Your cooperation with this request is appreciated.

Your questions are welcome. Request a Horse Application by mail or download your horse application from this website.