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Shekinah Ranch - Discipleship Program

Course Description

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2019 19:11 Discipleship Course Descriptions

Nature and Character of God

This course helps the student understand the nature and character of God. Knowing the different sides of God will help you to increase your faith as you encounter different situations in your life.

Developing a Prayer Life and Faith Story

This course addresses necessary aspects of developing a personal prayer life. It further helps the student form effective corporate church-based prayer strategies.

Discovering and Understanding Your Temperament

Your temperament is like an artist’s canvas. It is your God given style. It is the way you are wired. Generally speaking, two of the basic temperament types are outgoing or extroverted and three are more inward directed or introverted.

Developing a Christian World View

In this course you will discover how every young person tries to make sense out of life. Where did everything come from? Who am I? Why are we here? What’s right and wrong, and who decides? What happens when we die? The Bible provides answers to all of life’s most important questions.

Horsemanship 101

In this course the student will learn how to prepare and clean stables, maintain the health and well-being of horses, prepare horses for use, load and unload horses under supervision, ensure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety and maintain effective working relationships

Basic Care and Health of the Horse

Equine Health and First Aid provides a basic understanding of horse health issues so that the student will understand and recognize common injuries and illnesses. Students will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to make critical decisions and aid their horse to recovery.