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Shekinah Ranch Staff

Founder and Director

border= Like so many other serious horseman Pastor Tom was blessed to work with horses since his childhood but it wasn't until his his mid thirties that he sensed God's nudging him to learn more. His pursuit led him to the Parelli training method through which he earned his Level 1 training certification. As his desire for training continued God introduced Pastor Tom to John Lyons: America's Most Trusted Trainer.

Over a period of five years Pastor Tom visited with John Lyons while at Equine Events intently observing and listening to his training methods. John was always patient and kind as he explained things to Tom. Soon afterwards he met Josh Lyons and was blessed to have Josh and his family spend time with him at camp for personal training.

Through it all Pastor Tom has done everything from breeding, raising foals, getting young two year olds started under saddled and working with a broad range of horses and horse related issues. His most enjoyable part of horsemanship these days is remaining active at Shekinah Western Ranch Camp and helping younger girls and guys safely experience their horseback riding. He loves using spiritual analogies to remind youth that God loves them and has a wonderful plan for their life. Pastor Tom has dedicated his life to serving God and strives to teach the many youth that come through Shekinah Ranch how to make Godly choices, safe riding practices, honorable values, using their God given imagination and kind communication to horses and each other.