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Assistant Barn Manager

Terena Reppond


Terena Reppond has been apart of the Shekinah Ranch family for the past eight years as a camper and then, part of the Discipleship. She absolutely loves everything there is about the camp and its ministry, and knows that without her experiences here she would not have the relationship with God and horses as she does today. Because of the lessons she’s learned at Shekinah, Terena continues to do everything in her power to dedicate herself to God.

Terena has is graduating from Muhlenberg High School in June and is attending Temple University in the fall of 2018 to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting and Drawing with Entrepreneurship, or potentially a College Education in Art degree. With her art, she wants to be able to reach the hearts of her viewers and push them to look within themselves and find the meaning in their experiences.

Terena also participates in nearly all the choruses and bands at Muhlenberg, along with the spring musicals and she hopes to be able to continue participating in similar groups in college. As this chapter in her life comes to a close, she looks to God and allows him to show her the lessons he’s taught her through everything she has experienced.

“He has a purpose for me, all I need to do is trust him.”

Grounds & Barn

Matt Bross


The summer of 2018 will be Matt's sixth year at Shekinah Ranch!

Matt first attended Shekinah in 2013 as a Ranch Hand, and from that point on he has been hooked! He will be starting his Senior year at Pepin Academy High School in the fall in Tampa, Florida.

After high school, Matt would like to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts at the University of South Florida, in hopes of eventually becoming a chef.

When Matt is not busy with school work or serving at Shekinah Ranch, he enjoys playing football, soccer and hanging out with friends.